Blaeberry Team Office

As a boutique Life and Wealth advisory firm, Blaeberry has an established network of select members and industry partners who provide their unique talents and services that our clients may require to progress to their goals.

Our extended team consists of specialists in tax, accounting, wills, estates, wealth accumulation, risk management products, insurance and employee benefits.

These specialists work cooperatively alongside our clients’ own advisors or independently of them, if desired, to deliver the best possible outcome.

DALE ENS Principle Advisor

Founder Dale EnsDale A. Ens, President and Founder of Blaeberry Estate Planning Inc., helps individual and corporate clients make wise choices about accumulating, consuming, transitioning and protecting the wealth they have created.

As the needs of Blaeberry clients evolved, Dale’s continual pursuit of knowledge and insight has led down many roads of learning. Dale provides a 37 year track record of in-depth knowledge, experience and insight into risk management, estate planning, insurance and wealth accumulation strategies.

Intense and committed in his relationship with life, he has no patience for waste or half-measures. Dale’s passions include his family, a lifelong commitment to health and fitness, myriad outdoor activities from cycling to hiking to skiing and, of course, his Ducati ST3 motorcycle. In all things, he is drawn to thought-provoking experiences that reveal something new about the building of character.

Dale is a long-time volunteer with The Calgary Foundation. He currently Chairs the Board of Directors of which he has been a member since 2006. He is also the chair of its Governance Committee.

CATHY DEHOOP Manager Client Services

Cathy is an essential member of the Blaeberry team. She uses a  personal and friendly approach with every client. Cathy pays sharp attention to detail and provides each client with highly professional service and care. With over 33 years of experience in the financial services industry, Cathy found her home here at Blaeberry in 2003.

Cathy’s genuine, responsive and personal management style mirror the values and beliefs that she lives by both in and outside the office.

Besides a busy and growing family, Cathy enjoys golfing, fitness, power walking at lunch and camping.