We believe it is important to be as accessible as possible to our clients and provide a level of professionalism and experience that ensure our clients get exactly what they need.

We apply our principles in corporate planning towards these objectives:

Succession Planning

Within the context of closely held businesses, we partner with business owners, their families and their management team to create effective succession planning. To facilitate the orderly transition of the business from its former owners to its new owners, we create and deploy strategies to retain key employees and to ensure management continuity.

CEO & CFO Masters Planning

They say “its lonely at the top” and that cliche could not be more true for the top management of both public and private companies. What is especially clear is that planning for Financial Independence, Family Legacy and Social Capital Legacy is as important for leaders in a business as the people they lead. Over the years, we have worked with a broad spectrum of business leaders helping them to translate their business success into a life of independence, meaning and freedom.

Compensation & Retention Planning

We help business owners and their management teams with the design and implementation of programs that foster a strong corporate culture, contribute to employee retention and well-being and enable the business to compete for the best employees.