The majority of our Time is spent with the Three Realms of Financial Care; Financial Independence, Family Legacy and Social Capital Legacy.

Financial Independence

Our clients seek to have sufficient resources to control 100% of their calendar, doing whatever they believe is valuable. While some of our clients may be independent from the need to accumulate additional capital, this does not necessarily mean the end to economic activity. It merely suggests the presence of choice.

Family Legacy

The goal is to define and document this legacy and above all, to ensure the legacy aligns with the family’s values and principles. The question that families seek to answer is whether their plan will allow them to transfer what they have, to whom they want, when they want and in the way that they want.

Social Capital Legacy

Our focus is to help our clients make wise choices about their social capital legacy, choices that are both inspired and liberating. Some argue that the first part of life is about achieving financial success, and the second part is about turning that success into significance. In reality, an equal capacity for success and significance exists in all phases of life.